From the end of the line to a village hub,
planning for Ferny Grove Central is now underway.


After an extensive tender and review process, Honeycombes Property Group has been formally appointed by the Queensland Government to design and deliver to the community, a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) at Ferny Grove. 


Ferny Grove Central will adopt the Brisbane City Council and Queensland Government principles for a Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

The Developer will be governed by rigorous planning laws, State Government design requirements and the feedback provided by the community.

The approval of Ferny Grove Central is through Brisbane City Council as the local authority. The developer has now lodged an application for the proposed Ferny Grove Central.

Ferny Grove Central aims to transform this pedestrian and vehicle thoroughfare into a vibrant hub providing safe access to the station and convenient shopping and entertainment. To access initial concept plans and keep updated on development progress subscribe to our mailing list below.



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Upon completion, Ferny Grove Central will incorporate:

  • An increase in commuter car parks by approx. 250.

  • 80% of commuter carparks will be undercover.

  • Lifts and escalators servicing the new parking facilities.

  • Surveillance to all commuter carparks. Provision for disabled commuter carparks and safe bike storage.

  • Approx. 320 separate retail carparks.

  • Separate residential carparks.

  • Increased laydown area for buses.



Ferny Grove Central is set to transform the current bitumen car park at the "end of the line" into a suburban destination. The improved amenity for commuters and the wider Ferny Grove community will include:

  • New transport facilities, the majority undercover.

  • Retail offering to focus on flexibility, service providers and entertainment.

  • Landscaped pedestrian plazas and air conditioned retail plaza.

  • Improved vehicle and pedestrian connections.

  • Safe meeting place for members of the community.

The vision is to create a local

"neighborhood village". Although not advanced, it is envisioned that Ferny Grove Central could provide the following:

  • Full line supermarket.

  • Cinema complex.

  • Childcare facility.

  • A stand-alone/drive through fast food offering.

  • Combined medical practitioners

  • Service providers.

  • Food & beverage operators.    


The Fernery will provide an opportunity for some to call “home”. The convenience of location coupled with essential lifestyle elements all come together at The Fernery.


The residential apartments may consist of:

  • A mix of 1bed/1bath, 2bed/2bath, 3 bed/2bath.

  • Separate secure car parking.

  • Recreational deck.

  • Separate lobby entry.




Honeycombes Property Group is a Queensland based company that over the past 25 years has built a reputation for creating innovative projects through a development portfolio totalling over $2 billion. To date, Honeycombes has created more than 1,600 properties, all of which bear the company’s hallmark of exceptional quality. The latest, Coorparoo Square, is a $252 million urban renewal development that has transformed Coorparoo and created a new lifestyle hub for Brisbane’s inner-east.

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It is important to Honeycombes Property Group that the community assist in contributing to the various parameters of this exciting project.

If you are interested in the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed development please Subscribe with your details to be added to our regular project updates.



When is construction of Ferny Grove Central starting and when will it be complete?

Construction of Ferny Grove Central is subject to Brisbane City Council and Department of Transport and Main Roads approvals. While a construction commencement date is to be confirmed, the build is anticipated to take approximately 28 months.

Where will I park during construction? Will any access be restricted?

The majority of car parks will still be available at the station. The Developer will work with the local authority and State to seek temporary car parking for commuters during construction.

What is Ferny Grove Central going to include that will benefit me as a local?

Honeycombes Property Group's vision for Ferny Grove Central is centered on reviving the heart of Ferny Grove to provide a sense of community and purpose. This will be achieved by creating a diverse range of residential accommodation set amidst retail, commercial and public facilities that can be enjoyed by residents, commuters and people in both Ferny Grove and surrounding communities.

Do I have an opportunity to provide my input into the design and planning of Ferny Grove Central?

Honeycombes Property Group welcomes any suggestions or feedback you may have via the Enquiries and Feedback form below. It is important that the community assist in contributing to the various parameters of this exciting development.

During construction, will there be any disruption or changes to the Ferny Grove train timetable?

The development and construction of Ferny Grove Central will not cause any disruption to the train timetable.

Will the new retail and residential apartments at Ferny Grove Central have their own car parks?

Yes, both the residential and retail portions of Ferny Grove Central will have their own dedicated car parking bays - these will be separate to commuter parking.




The Developers of Ferny Grove Central are interested in your feedback and addressing your enquiries.
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